We will have another hobby project with Dim Sum Labs. Our ultimate goal is to design our own STM32 board. Philip Paeps is one of the guy running Dim Sum Labs and he is a low-level guy, I and him have nearly the same interests. Philip is a FreeBSD committer contributing mainly to the kernel and a member of the FreeBSD security team.

Our plan:

  1. We design and make our own STM32 board
  2. We use this to put the STM32 chip into the breadboard and make it work first
  3. We use kicad as the tool, there are some tutorials we just follow
  4. For Jtag, we should support ST-Link
  5. I got STM32 board and they provide the schema, maybe we just follow first. But we have to understand the meaning of every piece and every number in it.
  6. We produce our PCB board in here. It got PCB assembly service, lets get familiar with it.
  7. If we are not dead, our next stop would be design our own FPGA board just like the icesugar-pro and make sure the open source toolchain can run on it.