Lets Code Together

We support gifted talent, including technical training, and join our open-source projects to grant coding experience. Teen has talent in coding, they code well on logic. But the modern coding world is complex, lots of frameworks, libraries, hidden rules, and styles. They need experienced people to provide them with hand-to-hand training, and level up their skills. This will shorten the time to conquer these skill sets, rather than spending decades for self-learning. We have three streams

CPU stream – Join our CPU team to develop a microprocessor. Our goal is to fabricate a CPU with all basic features such as cache, branch prediction, jtag & trace capability, I/O, interrupt controller, and others. Students will learn a new programming paradigm: HDL, understand how your code converts to logic, and how all fundamental stuff work. CPU is the heart of the computer and the ground of logic execution. If you are interest into how the computer executes your code, join this.

Operating system stream – To create an OS for x86 and RISC-V, support all modern OS features such as multitasking, libc/libc++, driver model, locking, and others… OS works like the human brain, controlling all peripheral devices just like our brain controls our hands and legs. OS is the big brother of all software, it decide what to run and how all other programs behave.

Web team – We are not just doing website programming, we are building fundamental blocks to support websites. Many projects, such as web server, database, high-availability layer, logging engine, CMS, and others. We put effort into understanding how every piece works by building our own.

If you have spare time, join us