“Qemu Log Panel” is the tailor-made software to

  1. Convert qemu.log into H2 database
  2. Provide a GUI to diff the H2 database from xv6-riscv to the H2 database generated by our simulator

Step to run it

Record xf6-riscv

  1. Clone xv6
  2. Modify the Makefile
  3. Run “make qemu”, then you got qemu.log
  4. Run “make h2”, then it converts qemu.log into h2 database “database.mv.db”

Record our simulator

  1. Run our simulator in netbeans with “-h2” option
  2. Then you got “dump.mv.db”

Run the GUI

  1. run qemu-log-panel, point to those two H2 database files