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We are researching the http protocol and building our own http server. This guide build apache and test it out.

wget https://dlcdn.apache.org/httpd/httpd-2.4.56.tar.bz2
tar jxvf httpd-2.4.56.tar.bz2
cd httpd-2.4.56/

sudo apt-get install apache2-utils libapr1 libapr1-dev libaprutil1-dev -y
./configure --enable-cgi --prefix=/home/peter/Download/my-httpd
make -j
make install

Then you have this

Run the apache with CGI connects to PHP

  1. edit conf/httpd.conf , change “Listen 80” to “Listen 8765”
  2. run bin/httpd

This is our first draft of the proposal to develop a new programming language for kids called “Lion”. We want to promote our coding philosophy and advance our teaching for kids, it is impossible to achieve by using existing languages. We need to be flexible to add or modify the syntax of a language, so we can let it embed our coding philosophy.

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